In order to use the latest version of SilverSprints, you will need to update the OpenSprints box. Inside the downloaded zip file, there should be a folder called "Arduino", this is the code we'll be using to update.

Updating Hardware
  1. Download the free Arduino IDE software from here:

    In the downloaded SilverSprints zip file, there is an Arduino folder that contains the code we'll be updating. Open the file in ss_basic.ino in Arduino.

  2. Make sure you have selected the correct board from the Tools menu. In almost all cases, this will be Arduino/Genuino Uno.

    Select Arduino Uno in the tools menu.

  3. Next, we'll make sure we have the correct port selected. On Mac, it will be called something like /dev/tty.usbserial or /dev/cu.usbserial and on Windows you'll see something similar to COM3.

  4. Now press the upload button Press the upload arrow located in the top left.

If all went well, you should see a message letting you know the board has been updated. That's it! It it didn't work, double check steps 2 and 3.